The School of Life

With Moïra Anne Müller

When: Saturday 5 March

Location: Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Foyer

Ticket price: Free

Language: Dutch

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Death as friend with Moïra Müller

Orpheus falls in love and desires an everlasting unity with his lover, which is why he enters the underworld. He believes that the art of music will allow him to conquer death and retrieve his Eurydice, in which he almost succeeds. But then, he looks back.

Why does Orpheus look back? According to philosopher Moïra Müller, this is perhaps the most interesting question of all translated myths, and confronts us with our human condition, our freedom and our inevitable fate. The metaphor of looking questions the idea of life’s malleability, and makes us consider to accept death a little more. In this way, we should not look back that often, and death will not threaten us so much.

This programme is a collaboration with The School of Life Amsterdam, the place where you can learn everything you were not taught at school. After all, many subjects that ultimately really determine your life’s quality, were not part of your education. With whom do you start a relationship? What kind of job is right for you? How do you find meaning in your life? Upscale your knowledge of life with a programme, article, video or book by The School of Life. Based on philosophical, psychological and artistic ideas, we help you on your way to more self-knowledge, calmness, resilience and connection.

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Moïra Anne Müller