OFF Lab - Visual Arts

New moralities

When: Saturday 5 March | 13:30 | 15:30 | 18:00

Location: Suprise pop-up location

Ticket price: Free

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Morality plays from the Middle Ages formed the departure point for a project taken on by students from the Sandberg Institute, the master programme of the Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Their result is the creation of a ‘new morality.’

Where theater and performance reflected on the vices and virtues of mankind in public spaces during the Middle Ages, this group of students search for a modern-day relationship between art and morality. The students have visual methods of working in common, but they come from several disciplines: from Electronic Dance Music to performance art.

In this OFF Lab Visual Arts students from the Sandberg Institute work together with students from the University of Amsterdam (MA International Dramaturgy), from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Electronic Music Academy and Pop music) and from the Amsterdam University of Arts.

You will find OFF Lab - Visual Arts at the Waterlooplein, next to the main entrance of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. 

OFF Labs
During this edition of the Opera Forward Festival, collaborations with students were sought out in several ways, resulting in three different OFF Labs: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Cultural Policy.

OFF Lab - Visual Arts is a collaboration with the University of Amsterdam (MA International Dramaturgy) and the Amsterdam Conservatory (Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy and Pop Music)

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