Brainwash: Kelli van der Waals and Hans Schnitzler

Get out of that online comfort zone!

When: Friday 11 March | 18:40

Location: Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Odeonzaal

Ticket price: Included in ticket for Denis & Katya

Language: Dutch

It isn’t just the main characters in Denis & Katya, all of us are spending more time online than ever before. We are used to presenting an idealised version of ourselves in the virtual world and are happy to have Sillicon Valley streamline our lives to a greater and greater extent. Is Big Tech to blame or have we simply allowed ourselves to be seduced? And how much power do influencers have in determining our online rules? Philosopher and publicist Hans Schnitzler and journalist Kelli van der Waals expose how disruptive online life is, and share life hacks with you to help you take back control over your life.

This programme includes talks from:
- Kelli van der Waals     Read more  
- Hans Schnitzler          Read more

Consuela Esseboom is moderator of this Brainwash programme.

This programme is open to those who have purchased a ticket for Denis & Katya.

We only have a limited number of seats, so please make sure you are on time! You will not be able to book seats in advance.

About Brainwash

The Brainwash Festival is all about reflection, exploration and discovery. Don’t expect unequivocal answers from us, but you will get eye-opening insights, new ideas and above all, a lot of food for thought. Our platform brings together philosophers, scientists, writers and theatre-makers, who will challenge your perceptions with their ideas and insights.

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Team & cast


Kelli van der Waals (journalist)


Hans Schnitzler (philosopher and publicist)


Consuela Esseboom

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