Damiaan Denys

Our Breathtaking Autonomy

When: Friday 11 March | 19:30

Location: Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Auditorium

Ticket price: Included in ticket for Denis & Katya

Language: Dutch

Surtitles: -

Damiaan Denys is philosopher and psychiatrist who contemplates on fear and freedom, (ab)normality, the spirit and the mind and death and life. He invites our upset world on the couch, and addresses the madness of our contemporary society which is partly responsible for the tragedy of Denis & Katya. Can we be saved?

Since 2007, Denys is professor in psychiatry at the University of Amsterdam (UVA) and principal of the psychiatry department of the Amsterdam Universitair Medisch Centrum. 

This programme is an introduction to Denis & Katya and is open to everyone with a ticket for the performance. 

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Damiaan Denys

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