OFF Lab - Team ‘delta(x)’

When: 11 and 12 March | Various times

Location: Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Boekmanzaal


What happens in between the parts that construct your identity?

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Plants grow, rivers flow, and the wind howls. Stones hurtle down the mountainsides and are carried away by rivers. You find yourself amidst a moving nature. The world around you circles, spins, and immerses you in a whirlwind of impressions. As you dive into vast networks, uncountable entanglements, a new kind of perception emerges: All is fluid - why wouldn’t you be, too?
delta(x) draws you into an environment of fluid identities. Meandering through meanings, a new vision of the human being arises: fluid, ever in motion, and completely intertwined.

Composer Petra Cini
Director Toni Kritzer
Scenography Merel van de Langkruis
Dramaturgy Wessel Padberg & Hiske Krammer
Production Tessel van Ruitenbeek & Beer Crolla

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