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Let the Opera Forward Festival surprise you with all that opera has to offer. OFF explores the art form that is opera with a range of works by established names as well as by a new generation of artists, in the form of musical performances, video art and lectures. Our ‘New Beginnings’ theme for this sixth edition will undoubtedly make you discover opera is also for you.

The Opera Forward Festival is the driving force behind, and the ultimate platform for innovation in opera. Since its first edition in 2016, OFF has been striving to uncover the power of contemporary opera, in a rapidly changing world. OFF, more than any other institution, embraces and encourages new opera methods and techniques, welcoming new artistic and social impulses as well as alternative narratives and voices. It is a music theatre festival that showcases state-of-the-art contemporary opera, as well as established artists and adventurous creators in order to explore everything that opera is.

This is particularly visible in four performances that are part of OFF: In I Have Missed You Forever, Manoj Kamps and Lisenka Heijboer Castañón once again work with the collective method, just as they did for their very successful project FAUST [Working title]. Robin Coops and Avinash Changa present Orphée | L'Amour | Eurydice, a three-part opera experience in which Virtual Reality plays a major role, whereas the highly relevant and on-point opera Denis & Katya demonstrates opera can absolutely provide insight into the world of today. With Manfred Trojahn’s Eurydice - Die Liebenden, blind, DNO continues its tradition of presenting world premieres by renowned international composers.

In collaboration with other organisations such as Brainwash Festival and The School of Life, OFF presents a rich and varied programme, including videos and reading and listening material, that proves opera resonates beyond the walls of the theatre and explores relevant themes.

This edition of OFF also provides a space for students from various art schools, which has resulted in three different OFF Labs: Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Arts & Science.

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