OFF Lab - Arts & Science

When: Saturday 5 March and Saturday 12 March

Location: Dutch National Opera & Ballet and Boekman Foundation

Ticket price: Free

Where is the cultural sector headed? Do we want to steer it in a particular direction? In this OFF Lab, students explore concepts and ideas, share their views on the current cultural landscape and reflect on its future.

Theatre studies
Nicholas Till, professor of music theatre and opera, will supervise a group of students researching the creative processes behind opera and music theatre in the present day. The students, who were inspired by the collective method used in I have missed you forever and the various approaches used in the festival, decided to investigate what role concepts such as 'collectivity' and 'collaboration' play in the creation of music theatre and opera. How new is ‘collectivity’ in opera and how does it create a certain aesthetic? And what does collective working actually entail?

Panel discussion

The students will present a panel discussion on this topic on Saturday 12 March at 15:00 at Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Luc Joosten (head of dramaturgy DNO), Dr. Veronika Zangl (lecturer in Theatre Studies UvA) and Catharina Clement (composition student at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and creator within the OFF Labs) will discuss how collectivity plays a role in creating opera and theatre.

This part of the programme will be organised by Maria Micallef Tortell (MA student of Theatre Studies), Karolien Lamein (MA student of Theatre Studies) and Borre Boluijt (MA student of Musicology) and they will all participate in it as well, under the supervision of professor Nicholas Till and with the support of Jasmijn van Wijnen (dramaturge at Dutch National Opera).

Cultural policy
Approachability, economics, inclusivity, diversity, upward social mobility – these elements are all pivotal to any future vision of the cultural sector. This is why students will spend both Saturdays of the festival brainstorming and discussing various topics and will challenge themselves to come up with new visions for our cultural future.

During these two think-lab sessions, students will draw inspiration from different guest speakers and fellow students who have the same or different visions. Together, they will eventually come up with a short statement about the current state of the arts, while being able to to put their academic knowledge into practice.

OFF Labs
This edition of the Opera Forward Festival sought out several collaborations with students, which resulted in three different OFF Labs: Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Arts and Science.

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